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With a career driven environment, compensation and benefits based on skills and experience, and a growing portfolio across the Midwest and expanding to the East Coast and internationally over the next three years, this is a great opportunity to take your career to the next level.

Manager in Training

Our emerging leaders program, aka “Manager in Training” is very selective. It is designed for individuals who aspire to be as great as their personal role model. We develop our future leaders to experience every facet and every role within our communities, learning the fundamentals and value that each role brings to our residents and how they depend on each other. Of course, we at CCA take things one step further and offer you exposure to the corporate support team through development programs, project work and a mentorship. The program duration is for 12 months, which is a stepping stone for you to the Assistant Manager role.

Assistant Manager

For the individual who has the drive to learn the ways, methods and practices of a known disruptor in the industry! The Assistant Manager plays a key role at our larger communities, yet over time your desire to lead will give you opportunities to fill-in for your Manager or other Managers during their time away to gradually experience what it is like to motivate, organize and lead a team. During the tenure as an Assistant Manager you will take on special projects, develop leadership skills, train newly hired associates, deepen your functional understanding of the value of each position and become the guardian of the company’s policies, procedures and community practices.


This role is for those who have the courage to motivate, lead and develop a team, and seek the desire to positively influence people. Besides juggling multiple priorities of what the day brings, being nimble in balancing resident needs, preserving the integrity of the community, you also make sound financial decisions as if you were the CEO. As all great leaders in our industry, you have vast expertise in being a marketing guru, executive housekeeper, strategic planner, painter, sales person of the year and a yearning to do the right thing, even though it may be a tough conversation.

General Manager

A seasoned professional who has tenured experience, tangible achievements and a highly regarded reputation. This role is selective and designed to oversee our A+ apartment communities in urban or suburban-urban locations. You will have the privilege of developing existing and future Managers and emerging leaders, giving them the opportunity to pass on your knowledge and expertise, and even tricks of the trade. Learning and Development is a key priority for this role, in which you will find yourself facilitating and sharing real-life learning experiences with other Managers.

Executive Manager

For those who leading a team at one property is not enough, and they want two. You have extraordinary capacity to flex between strategic thinking and tactical conversations throughout the day. You display keen insight and ability to organize your teams to achieve, while keeping track and prioritizing competing needs at two communities. This position is a stepping stone for you to a corporate support team role as an Assistant Director of Area Operations.

Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer reports to the Property Manager. This position’s primary responsibility is to safeguard the interests of the owners and safety of the residents by maintaining the physical condition of property and equipment according to company guidelines and standards, as well protect the property and equipment from damage, loss, and deterioration. This position assesses and directs the Building Technicians makes recommendations to ownership regarding cost containment and asset preservation.

Building Engineer

A Building Engineer has expertise knowledge in property maintenance and equipment, and in-depth experience in dealing with the challenges that lay beyond the walls of our buildings and apartments. You are not afraid to wander down to the dark and damp basement (where applicable) to unearth the issues that may be the greater cause. It is required that you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in these areas through certifications and continuing education to stay abreast of changing technology and green practices.

Building Technician

The Building Technician reports to the Chief Engineer. Their primary responsibility is to safeguard the interests of the residents and owners by maintaining the physical condition of property and equipment according to company guidelines and standards. This position also protects the property and equipment from damage, loss, and deterioration. This role also assesses and makes recommendations to the Chief Engineer regarding cost containment and asset preservation.

Sales Manager

A Sales Manager reports to the Property Manager. Their key responsibilities of the Sales Manager are to oversee, perform and manage activities relating to the successful leasing of apartments to ensure attainment of budgeted occupancy and Net Operating Income. This includes but is not limited to: developing and implementing marketing strategies, creating meaningful business relationships through large-scale corporate outreach efforts, conducting quality sales interactions over the phone and in-person as well as managing and developing a sales team.

Sales Consultant

A Sales Consultant reports to the Sales Manager or Property Manager. Their primary responsibility is to lease apartments to prospective residents by effectively demonstrating value in the features and amenities of the community as it relates to their individual lifestyle. In this role, the individual will offer meaningful recommendations for maximizing sales efforts based on trends in traffic, speak intelligently to the advantages of the community location, and perform effective community outreach.

Head Concierge

As the Head Concierge, your willingness to be of service to residents and their guests is unmatched. As the leader of the Concierge team you are consistently finding ways to build and refine your team’s abilities in to a reputable concierge force. You are abreast of any new happenings in the neighborhood, the first one to try that new restaurant, define the next great resident event, demonstrate knowledge in receiving leasing inquiries and find ways to turn challenging requests in to simple remedies. You never let them see you sweat. Always, you are sharing practices and methods with other Head Concierges to better your team’s product knowledge and professional ability.


You like to wear many hats, from Tour Guide, Restaurant Critic, Pet-Sitter, Sounding Board, Weather Forecaster, Leasing Agent to resolving resident concerns and requests. Every day you are learning about what is happening in the neighborhood and reaching out to fellow merchants and organizations to see if there is a possibility of a relationship to benefit the residents. No resident request is too small or unimportant and you are driven to assess your abilities in how well and quickly our resident needs are addressed.

Executive Housekeeper

A keen eye for detail and a passion to treat the cleanliness of the community as if it was their home. You are known as an Executive Housekeeper as you create and adhere stringent cleaning schedules, may supervise a team and can always see what needs to be done from a resident’s perspective. Your seasoned expertise is infectious, in which the pride of your job is shown through the impeccable keeping of the public areas and the thoroughness of your effort.


For those individuals who are efficient, meticulous and love everything to be just right. Some may have even referred to you as “obsessive compulsive” because even a piece of lint on the carpet is unacceptable. You know that you are responsible for creating an environment that people walk in to and think “wow” the people here care about their residents. Of course, beyond the pride you have in your work, you enjoy building relationships with residents and find time to chat with them about their day.