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11/3/2017 This minimalistic apartment has a perfect view of downtown Louisville

DJ Carroll and his girlfriend, Victoria Herndon, downsized from their larger home in Carrollton, Kentucky, to their 800 Tower City apartment to live more simply and create a haven from their busy professional lives.

“We wanted a place where we could get away,” Carroll said. “During the day everything is so hectic. One of the things I love about home is that it’s a place where I can chill out.”

With white walls and colorful accents, the apartment houses the couple’s personal touches from family photos to trinkets scattered throughout. And at the end of the day, they enjoy sharing their goals and dreams while taking in views of the Louisville skyline from their 25th-floor balcony.


Minimalism and organization inspired Carroll and Herndon when decorating their apartment. In the living room, a white, L-shaped leather couch with colorful pillows sits next to a black futon with a clear, two-tiered glass coffee table in the middle. A pristine white throw rug matches the walls throughout the house. Toward the back wall, a media stand with a with a flat screen TV on top has a built-in fireplace for added coziness.

In the kitchen, brown cabinets are combined with black and white granite countertops and a tile backsplash for a modern look. In the couple’s bedroom, a white comforter pairs with a blue accent wall and bulky, bleached wood furniture creating a relaxed feel. 


While the furniture is simple, the couple has added their personal touches to make the place their own. In the foyer, a table with a silver branches base sits below a colorful photo of an English bulldog, reminding them of their past pup. Atop are porcelain elephant figurines, a favorite animal of Victoria’s. In the dining area, the couple added a statement wall with purple, green and blue mandala medallion wallpaper.

They knocked out a wall between the living room and what would have been a second bedroom to make a reading space. With striped silver metallic wallpaper, the space holds floating bookshelves, a contrast to the extensive bookshelves from the couple’s old home. Atop multiple surfaces in the home are inspirational quotes and photos of the couple. 


The couple’s favorite part of their apartment is their balcony, where they say they talk about goals and dreams and reflect on the day. It’s a simple space with blue chairs at  one end and white square-shaped chairs with grey cushions at the other. In the corner stands a silver elephant and other trinkets.

But from the 25th floor, the view is anything but ordinary. The couple can see past the Ohio River and is amid the Louisville skyline in this high rise in the city. 

Nuts & bolts

Home: This is a 1-bed, 2-bath apartment overlooking the Louisville skyline on the 25th floor of the 800 Tower City Apartments. 

Homeowner: Couple DJ Carroll, an Indianapolis native and local entrepreneur, and Victoria Herndon have modeled and decorated the apartment to their liking. 

Distinctive elements: simplistic; modern furniture; statement wallpaper; white walls; colorful accents; apartment-long balcony with views of the Louisville skyline; open floor plan; granite countertops; mix of bargain and online finds; track lighting; floating bookshelves; personal photos scattered around; elephant and French bulldog trinkets found throughout.

View Images and Read full article written by Madeleine Winer, Louisville Courier Journal 

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