City Club Apartments
3/9/2020 Restaurant opening in downtown's City Club Apartments

A restaurant inspired by the beach communities of Europe is coming to the ground floor of the City Club Apartments downtown this spring.

The Bathhouse, a wellness cafe inside of the City Club Apartments at 309 Vine St., is set to open this spring as the first portion of the Mercato Fabbrica, a culinary destination displayed in marketplace or department store style.

The larger Mercato Fabbrica will occupy 10,500 square feet and is set to open this fall. The Bathhouse will take up 850 square feet of that and offer different menus throughout the day, as well as an herbology-based beverage program.

  • The morning menu will offer an allergen-free pastry program, which will will include items like elderflower scones and raspberry cakes.
  • The midday menu contains soups, broths and fermented and pickled vegetable salads.
  • The evening menu includes a selection of wild and freshwater oysters and crudos.

The Bathhouse's beverage program includes a menu of ionized waters, with monthly water subscriptions available for building residents. It also offers an 18-head draft system gin botanical bar.

The design of the Bathhouse is inspired by mid-20th century European beach communities, with vintage light fixtures, reclaimed 1950s Spanish tiles and French craquelure tiles, as well as Butler farmhouse sinks and marble countertops from Southern Portugal. The restaurant space is topped by a hanging botanical canopy.

The larger Mercato Fabbrica will house 18 different marketplace stalls or departments, including:

  • Barricato, selling house-fermented oils, vinegars and ales
  • Biscotteria Apolline, vending almond biscuits
  • Burro Morbido, a pastry counter
  • Confettura Celine, selling conserves and marmalades
  • Cucinetta, a tasting kitchen and private dining space
  • Dispensa, selling pastas, grains and legumes
  • Drogheria, offering artisanal groceries and provisions
  • Farina Bianca, with a menu of organic heirloom pizza
  • Fermento, selling house bread and butter
  • Juiceria, an organic fresh juice bar
  • La Barra, a slow coffee bar
  • Latteria, offering mozzarella, yogurt and gelato
  • Marigold, selling flowers, chocolates and confections
  • Medicina, an amaro bar
  • Medium Rare, a butcher shop and burger counter
  • School of Fish, a sustainable fish stall
  • Vermut Prjkt, a retail wine stall.

The City Club Apartments is a mixed-use building that includes 294 apartments and penthouses, a rooftop restaurant, the upcoming Mercato Fabbrica and office space.

Read full article by Andy Brownfield - Reporter, Cincinnati Business Courier

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