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11/15/2018 City Club Apartments CBD Cincinnati Press Release


Finely curated selection of locally sourced meats, fish, bakery, dairy and produce, and showcases the best of the best products from around the world

CINCINNATI, November 13, 2018—City Club Apartments announced today that it has executed a lease for a 10,000-square-foot European inspired specialty market and a 1,000-square-foot wellness café on the first floor of its City Club Apartments CBD Cincinnati apartment and penthouse community at the corner of Third and Vine. City Club Apartments Chairman and CEO Jonathan Holtzman made the announcement and spoke on behalf of the owner.

“Downtown Cincinnati residents and visitors are long overdue for this first-to-market amenity,” said Holtzman. “City leadership, continued housing demand, expanding employment base, entertainment, arts and culture, restaurants, colleges, hospitals, sporting events, concerts, walkability and mass transit are all factors that made this the right location decision for the owner. The Bengals and Reds tailgates are about get ratcheted up a few notches.”

The historic 11-story, 300,000-square-foot 1928 building at 309 Vine sits on the former site of The Burnet Hotel known for hosting President-elect Lincoln on his inaugural journey to Washington D.C. Like so many of the best European markets around the world, the 309 building has a great story, stunning architecture and an urban connectivity that cannot be duplicated.

“The owners will introduce themselves and share the name of the market and café in the coming weeks” said Holtzman. “They were attracted to the history and beauty of the building. Their brand is authentic and about the craft, inspiration and discovery. The word ‘mass’ is not in their vocabulary. This building, its location, sense of community and mix of uses fit perfectly into that vision.”

The market and café, which are scheduled to open in early 2019, will observe the zero-waste movement happening throughout major European cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Paris, Rome and London and will feature locally sourced meats, dairy and produce from the Ohio River Valley and regional freshwater fish from the Great Lakes. “They are sensitive to the seasons so there will be a rotation of firsts and surprises. They are also focused on collaboration with local farmers and artisans and building strong and healthy food eco systems,” said Holtzman. “They will be incubating and developing their own brands. Cincinnati has always been an exceptional food city and people here care deeply about quality, the environment and what they are putting in their bodies.”

The market will have the same high level service that a customer would expect in a fine dining restaurant. “From the showcase butcher, foundry bakery and coffee bar to the exposed back end of the house prepping and storage area, this will be a truly immersive experience for customers,” said Holtzman. “Whether you are stopping in for a prepared meal or shopping to dine at home, discovery and delight will be a component of every trip. We could not have found a better or more complimentary tenant to activate the first floor of our apartment community."

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